Evah’s Spirit CIC is an organisation that embodies the ideas of human kindness, connection, community and compassion for all. Every child should be given the opportunity to fulfil their innate potential and flourish, regardless of their circumstances. We need your support to launch a community interest pilot project that provides an opportunity for three young people from marginalised communities in the UK to participate in a life-changing experience in South Africa.
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Prior to their visit, our volunteers will attend workshops to prepare them for their journey. This will include creating educational resources to use with beneficiaries in Africa as well as attending seminars to impart essential knowledge and information that relates to African culture, heritage and cross-cultural awareness.

By collecting data using video diaries, journals and photographic evidence, we will assess the impact of our project on our volunteer’s lives with our research partner Wolverhampton University, who will be joining us on our Pilot scheme.

During their stay in South Africa, the young volunteers will work in rural and underprivileged communities and partake in projects such as Schools Outreach, Green Kidz, Crèche and Library. They will also have the opportunity to visit local heritage sites and experience wildlife in its natural habitat on safari.

This experience will create an opportunity for our volunteers to make a real difference in the lives of others and in turn their own, in realising their unique and innate potential to affect change, to inspire and be inspired. This bespoke program empowers young people to shine, awakening their humanitarian spirit.

After completing the pilot and evaluating the efficacy and outcomes we hope to continue this project and open it out to as many young people as possible!

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